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An Analytical Review of the 2016-17 Budget

Pakistan's federal budget is one of the most important policy statements the government makes each year. It identifies both the goals the government seeks to achieve and its fiscal commitment to those goals.

But Pakistan's budgets have suffered from weak policy priorities for boosting economic growth. Projected revenues, expenditures and economic indicators also tend to be inaccurate, worsening the budget's credibility.

Pakistan's current budget contains the same problems, according to an analysis of the 2016-17 budget by former World Bank Senior Economist Hanid Mukhtar and IDEAS Senior Fellow Anjum Nasim. They provide a detailed overview of the persistent problems facing Pakistan's budget, the measures within the current budget and where it falls short of its targets.

The 2016-17 Federal Budget: An Analytical Review
January 2017 | Anjum Nasim and Hanid Mukhtar (former World Bank Senior Economist)
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